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Integrity, service, and excellence is what our mission's values are based on. We ensure that all our clients are provided with only the best and skilled legal advice in an effective and timely manner. All cases are handled with accountability, respect, and responsiveness. The lawyers at Elliott Attorneys are all dedicated to the legal aspect of your case allowing you to place all your focus on your own personal success.

Elliott Attorneys Elliott Attorneys

At Elliott Attorneys, we take a big amount of pride to ensure exceptional standards at handling your affairs professionally and efficiently.

Sound legal advice is based on years of training, hard work, and passion, as well as familiarity with legislation and precedent and sound consideration.

Why Us

We are constantly adapting our law firm, by practicing the law with exceptional standard ensuring that we stay on top of the continual changes to our South African legal system.

Elliott Attorneys Elliott Attorneys

Divorce cases are tailored to your specific circumstances and needs. We handled opposed, unopposed and settled Divorces. Divorce cases where minor children are involved we ensure that they are handled with care and dignity.

We pride ourselves to ensure that we professionally assist parents in attaining the best possible contact rights for minor children, and keeping only their best interests in mind. Every matter is handled with the utmost care.

We expediently institute proceedings on your behalf, in order to sue whoever has wronged you, breached a contract, or from whom money needs to be recovered.

If summons has been served on you or affixed to your property, action must be taken hastily. We tailor your defense in accordance with your needs.

The process of following up on debtors are relentless. We assist our clients by collecting the debt on their behalf.

We assist individuals that are unable to pay their debts, with applications to have their estates sequestrated.

We assist both Landlords and Tenants in either effecting an eviction or opposing one.

We understand the importance of future thinking.
Ante-Nuptial Contracts are not necessarily, as the stigma stands, a precursor to divorce.
They are, more importantly, entered into by ‘spouses to be’ with the forethought of financial safety and freedom.
We assist in establishing the most secure future for you, and your loved ones.

The importance of a well drafted contract is paramount, in your personal life, and in business.
Inferior contracts can lead to litigation, and claims, without a basis, and often leave the claimant without recourse against the party in breach thereof.
With foresight to non-compliance and breach, we draft contracts with the inclusion of sufficient protections to increase your probability of success, should you unfortunately be placed in the position where you should need to enforce the agreement.

From CCMA referrals, to the Labour Court.
We can assist with company procedure, disciplinary codes, and a step by step approach to legal compliance.
We further assist with disciplinary hearings, where applicable, and business compliance with regards to labour requirements.
We provide a complete business solution.

For employees, we assist in asserting your rights, and seeking recourse where applicable.

  • PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) related advice and matters
  • Commercial drafting and contracts
  • The drafting of wills
  • Mineral laws and mining compliance
  • CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission) company administration and registrations
  • Criminal Law
  • Domestic Violence
  • Maintenance Matters

We are a constantly adapting law firm, practicing law with exceptional standards, despite the continual changes to our South African legal system.

We believe that the Constitution, and your rights, are synonymous with every legal matter, and accordingly strive to protect your interests, no matter how small.

We are a general practice litigation law firm, with a drive and passion for litigation, both commercial and civil.

We pride ourselves on our values and care when administrating your divorce, and professionally take care of your needs in your personal time of crisis. We understand the burden, and accordingly endeavor to affect your family law matter with our diligent touch.

Our knowledge is vast and can be applied to your benefit in any legal field, which continually encompasses our intricate services, in the fulfillment of your mandate.

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